How To Make A Phonics Phone

Phonics phones and mirrors are two of the most important items in an early elementary small group instructional area.  Phonics phones amplify the student’s voice helping the student to focus and pay attention to the sounds.  Although you can purchase phonics phones, they are quite easy and inexpensive to make.  View the video for instructions on how to make your own classroom phonics phones.

To make phonics phones

  • Purchase a 3/4″ PVC pipe and 3/4″ elbow joints (you will need 2 for each phone)
  • Cut PVC pipe into 3 1/2 inch sections
  • Put an elbow joint on each end of the pipe
  • Colorful duct tape can be wrapped around the center of the pipe for fun.

Use phonics phones…

1. when teaching phonemic awareness skills.

2. when teaching letter sounds.

3. when teaching students to discriminate between similar sounding letter sounds.  Take a look at your students’ writing samples.  Phonics phones can be very helpful with students who confuse letters such as f/v, s/z , or sh/ch.

4.  when working with students who omit letters in their writing.  These students may not be paying attention to each sound in the word.

5.  during guided reading activities.  Some teachers find that giving each student a phonics phone while reading text a loud to themselves helpful.

Helpful Hint:  Especially in first grade, students should have their own phonics phone which is accessible as needed during writing and spelling activities.  If students are sharing phonics phones in your small group area, be sure to have antibacterial wipes on hand.


While practicing letters and sounds, these keyword letter flashcards can be helpful.  Just click HERE to download this FREEBIE from my Teachers Pay Teacher store.







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  1. Christina says

    Thank you so much for posting the instructions on how to make the phones and how to use them! I’m beginning as a first grade special ed teacher this school year and I think these are going to be great for the kids!! Just picked up the supplies last night!

  2. Monica Parke says

    Thank you for sharing your post on how to make the phones. I was able to make enough for my whole class at a very affordable price. Thank you again!

  3. Ellery Sigler says

    Love these!! I’m making them today!! The man at Lowe’s was so nice once he found out I was a teacher & even offered to cut the PVC for me 🙂

  4. stephanie says

    Thanks so much for posting! We just made 10 for less than $25 (not to mention we have left over pipe and duct tape!) It sure did make my life easier!

  5. KB3Teach says

    Argghhh! Where was this blog when I was off spending a fortune for my phones!?! Love this! Pinned it on a bunch of Pinterest boards. Hopefully, it will help other teachers before they go off and spend their fortunes.

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