Mitten Match Activities

Oh my, the snow is flying up here in Northern Michigan!  Winter is alway a fun time of the year and it’s a great time to add a little seasonal spirit into your center activities.  These mitten match activities may just do the trick.

Assembling the activities is pretty easy.  You’ll want to print the mitten on cardstock so that they are durable and then laminate. Just grab a few clothespins and your activity is all set.  This is so not necessary, but I decided to “cutesie” up the clothespins by attaching little snowballs on the ends.  I picked up this foam packet at Micheal’s Craft Store.  There’s a variety of shapes to use for different activities.

foam bucketblogpic

You can find the snowballs on a template of 4.  Simply peel them off and put the on the end of the clothespin.


When you download the Mitten Match Rhyme, you’ll receive 30 rhyming mitten pairs!


The Mitten Match Rhyme activity is available through  my online Teachers Pay Teachers store.

The Mitten Match activity is also available for beginning sounds.


You can find the Mitten Match Beginning Sounds activity in my online Teachers Pay Teachers store.

The Mitten Match for Vocabulary is another great center activity for our students.  Students simply clip the pictures that go-together.  Be sure to have your students explain why the pictures go together to expand oral language.


The Mitten Match Vocabulary activity is available in the my online Teachers Pay Teacher store.

Now for the Mitten Match Math-  You can download the addition facts to 10 for free.


Click the following link to download Mitten Math for Addition Mitten Math

Enjoy the winter months ahead.


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  1. melissa says

    Hi, Thanks for the mitten math addition freebie. I wanted to draw your attention to an “oops” on one of the cards. It is on the pages equaling to 7. You put 3 + 5 instead of 3 + 4! Thought you might like to fix that 🙂

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