St. Patrick’s Day Digraph Activities

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St. Patrick’s Day is soon approaching!  My goodness, this school year is flying by.  It’s kind of fun how we measure our school year by the coming and goings of the holidays.  So far this year we’ve had 10 snow days!  Can you believe it?  10!  When you live in the great white north you never know what can happen.  We have 6 snow days built into the calendar (yes, that’s true) and anything over that we have to make up at the end of the year.  With winter not even over, we may have to go well into summer.   Anyway, here’s a little digraph activity I whipped up on one snow day morning.

What you’ll need to do is copy the pdf below, cut out the shamrocks and hot glue them on the ends of a large craft stick.  Be sure to make a set for each student in your group.  For those students just learning digraphs, you’ll want to begin with sounds only.  So, say the sound of one of the digrpahs (e.g. /sh/) and have the students hold up the correct stick.  You can differentiate the activity by choosing the number of digraphs you use within the group.

Shamrock Digraphs

Click the following link to download this free printable Shamrock Digraphs

If the students are doing pretty well with the sounds only, add a little more difficulty by providing a word and having the students hold up the correct stick.  Here’s a word list for consonant digraphs that you can use.  I have a hard time thinking of those words on the spot.

Common Consonant Digraph Word List

Click the following link to download this free consonant digraph word list. Common Consonant Digraph Word List

On another one of those snow days, I made a digraph sorting activity activity.  Sorting activities are very helpful when introducing a skill or for use when students are having a difficult time hearing the differences between sounds.  When you download this activity, you’ll receive 40 colorful coins with pictures of digraphs.

Pot O Gold Digraphs1st


Click HERE to download this activity from my TpT store.

I have to say that the unexpected snow day is always a treat.  But to have 10! Holy Cow!  It’s getting difficult to get back in a routine.  So, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but….let’s hope for at least a few solid weeks of school in the upcoming months.




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